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5 Star VIP Hajj Package

5 Star VIP Package – 2 Weeks (Non Shifting)

Non Shifting Deluxe 2 Weeks Packages for Hajj journey

5 Star VIP Hajj Package

5 Star VIP Hajj Packages – 2 Weeks (Shifting)

A Deluxe package for those who can afford it during Hajj pilgrimage

5 Star VIP Hajj Packages

5 Star VIP Package – 4 Weeks (Non Shifting)

Non Shifting 4 Weeks Deluxe Package for those wanting an extra bit of class during Hajj journey

5 Star VIP Hajj Packages

5 Star VIP Package – 4 Weeks (Shifting)

Deluxe 4 weeks Hajj Packages for those who can afford to go with style and lavishness

Economy Hajj Package

Economy Hajj Package – 2 Weeks

An affordable and cheap Hajj package of 2 Weeks

Economy Hajj Packages

Economy Package – 4 Weeks

Affordable Hajj Packages of 4 weeks

Value Hajj package

Value Package – 2 Weeks

Best value for money package for Hajj lasting 2 weeks

Value Hajj packages

Value Hajj Packages – 4 Weeks

Best value for money package for Hajj for 4 long weeks

Hajj Packages

Hajj is among the five pillars of Islam. Its importance cannot be overstated. It is a protector from hell fire and absolves one of lot of sins. It is a means of getting close to Allah (swt), the creator of universe we are part of. Hajj was perfomed by Prophet Muhammad (saw) himself, righteous caliphs of Islam and devoted Muslims ever since it was made compulsory. Hajj was made mandatory during Prophet Muhammad’s (saw) life for every person who can physically and financially afford to do it.

Hajj is a physically, emotionally and financially a taxing task. Hence most Islamic scholars recommend doing it at a young age. However if money or other reasons didn’t allow you to do it when you were young, the cause is not lost. It can still be performed by someone even on a wheelchair! What one must strive to do is to ask Allah’s help in achieving it and inshaAllah it would be made easy for them. This advice is applicable to all spheres of life of a Muslim and is not limited to Hajj.

When you have decided to go on a Hajj, then comes the question of selecting the most appropriate package for Hajj. This is where we can help you inshaAllah. No matter what your requirements are and no matter how high you budget is or how low it is, we have a package that suits everyone! Hajj should be as affordable as possible for every Muslim, hence we try to keep our costs as low as possible and hence making our packages very affordable and cheap packages for Hajj in UK. On the other hand we also understand that some Muslims would rather need peace of mind and get every thing taken care of because of their busy lives, hence we also have packages that include from 1st class airline tickets to 5 star hotel stays with all meals included in the cost!

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Hajj Packages 2016

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